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FieldCraft Standard Contracts and Licenses


Conditions of Sale License Agreement (CSLA)


All products are licensed and not sold. As such, all product licenses remain the property of FieldCraft until they are paid for in full.


Permission to download software from the FieldCraft website is conditional upon the payment of the correct fee if applicable, and that the downloaded package is to be backed up and stored in a safe place before use. Where a product is downloaded, but not backed up and lost as a result, the download cost applies in full to any subsequent or replacement download.

CD Orders:

CD orders are accompanied by a download to allow immediate use of the product. Long delays of up to several weeks can be expected with international freight, and FieldCraft's sole remedy for this inconvenience is to offer the option to download the product at the point of sale. Failure to download at the point of sale may result in your having to wait for the arrival of the CD before being able to use the product.

Price Integrity:

If the price you paid for software bought through our website is greater than the the price advertised on the website at the time of sale, we will refund the entire amount of the purchase.


As a reward for correctly reporting any new failure of a FieldCraft product to perform in accordance with its description, as defined below, FieldCraft will supply the informant with the next version of the product free of charge, as soon as it becomes available (in addition to any refund, service packs and/or updated product disks issued to remedy the situation in the meantime).

Extended Warranty:

All FieldCraft software products are warranted to perform in accordance with their description and no more; subject to correct installation on a properly functioning operating system as listed in the product description. FieldCraft's exclusive remedy shall be either a refund of the price paid for the defective product or a commercially reasonable endeavor to bring the software product in line with the original description.

All CD Media is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects but not against misuse. FieldCraft's sole remedy for defective media shall be replacement with a satisfactory unit.

These limitations apply exclusively to this extended warranty and have no effect on any statutory rights or warranty that may apply.


It is an offense in Australia to mislead consumers about their rights by limiting liability in warranties and/or contracts, or insinuating the existence of any limitation of statutory warranty; which is not already established by precedent through a court ruling, nor established by any form of applicable legislation. Any company or business that attempts to deceive you about your rights in this way, without clear and specific reference to applicable precedent or legislation, should be reported immediately to the Department of Fair Trading for urgent prosecution under the Trade Practices Act.

In this light, FieldCraft's entire liability shall be limited to the price paid for the product concerned wherever the local laws in the relevant jurisdiction so permit. Keep this in mind if the bozo you are planning to vote for has designs for eroding your consumer rights!


To the extent permitted by the relevant laws and international treaties, the jurisdiction of this contract, and all other FieldCraft contracts where not otherwise specified; shall be that of the province and country in which FieldCraft is registered.


FieldCraft General End User License Agreement (GSLA)

Article I: Title, Definitions, & Jurisdiction

This software is not sold but is licensed conditionally upon the articles of this End User License Agreement, to which the term, 'EULA', refers. The term, 'trialware', refers to the free trial versions; whereas the term, 'buyware', refers to all other FieldCraft software used under a purchased or especially awarded license. Notwithstanding local laws, the jurisdiction of this EULA is the state or province where FieldCraft is registered. We can be contacted through - "FieldCraft" is the business name registered as BN03903096 in South Australia on the thirtieth day of May, in the year 2001 A.D. FieldCraft refers not only to itself but also to its Proprietor and/or registered owner.

Article II: Fair Use

You may use buyware licensed to you on up to two of your own computers after you have made a single backup of the setup archive. Any non-profit use of superceded buyware is defined as academic for the purposes of fair use. While you are encouraged to distribute unaltered trialware as you see fit, buyware must not be distributed, shared, lent, hired, or copied; other than your obligation under this EULA to store a single backup of the buyware download on a CD, DVD, SSD, or any other location owned by you other than your computer.

Article III: Warranty & Rewards

If this product does not work in accordance with its documentation, you agree to inform FieldCraft so that the problem may be fixed. If you report a new fault you will be rewarded with an upgrade or buyware license free of charge.

Article IV: Copyright

Copyright of this software is owned by FieldCraft and is protected by international treaties and federal law. Persons breaching or attempting to subvert the copyright of this software also leave themselves liable to the significant penalties available under common law.


FieldCraft Electronic Mail License Agreement (FEMC)

Unless otherwise specified in the electronic mail label and in the signature as published in the past thirty days by the owner of the domain hosting this page the use of ALL electronic mail addresses based on or derived from this domain and from any of the domains,,,,, &; is subject to the terms and conditions of the General Public Electronic Mail License published at


Web Site & Site Material Copyright (WSMC)

2001-2005 FieldCraft.

All rights reserved.

Except where otherwise mentioned, all images, text, archives, site structure, and all other material on this site are protected by copyright. It is a condition of visiting this site that the copyright of all material on this site is respected. Copyright is protected by international treaties and federal law. Persons breaching or attempting to subvert copyright also leave themselves liable to the significant penalties available under common law.

Further to this and without limitation, hotlinking of any file other than
the SHTML files on this site is expressly forbidden, except;
  1. Where a pre-arranged contract with FieldCraft is entered into.
  2. Via a PAD file published by FieldCraft on one of the FieldCraft websites.

If you wish to discuss the use and/or display of FieldCraft material on your site, or in your publications, please Contact us for assistance.