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Privacy Statement

Client information held by FieldCraft, is not made available to any entity outside FieldCraft, and is archived securely for the sole purpose of ensuring that ongoing support policies are fulfilled in every detail. Furthermore, FieldCraft has absolutely no access to your credit card details, and as a matter of our Client Security Policy, refers all credit card transactions to a third party merchant provider for processing.

FieldCraft does not keep records of your individual browsing habits while on our site. Of your activities, we only record your purchases of FieldCraft products. In fact we keep scripts and other intrusive technologies to a minimum to ensure that those customers with the correct security settings do not experience undue inconvenience.

For more information on why your system should have correct Windows Internet Security Settings, click HERE.

Only a secure server such as Paypal's, requires the running of scripts for user validation. An internet shop-front has absolutely no need of such invasive technologies. Check out the dynamic menus in fixed display at the top of the page! It is amazing what can be done to enhance the browsing experience without resorting to scripts, plug-ins, .NET, and other invasive client-side technologies...