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Home of cutting edge software development solutions, superb web document services and web development, and unparalleled sedimentological and geological investigation that get a degree of certainty from a hands-on approach to geoscience. In fact, the geoscience influence on some of our IT work has lead to some interesting departures (Eg. our idea of a site map was originally slightly warped)

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All about FieldCraft and related corporate information.

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Conditions of sale as they are applied to the transaction spanning the redirection to the escrow provider through to goods delivery.

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Electronic Mail License or Email License setting the conditions of use of all FieldCraft email addresses for the purpose of trademark preservation and trademark usability preservation.

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Contact page for FieldCraft: Want in on our robust, universally compatible, and standards compliant menus? How about web site systematisation with uniform look and feel? Want a piece of our superb anti-SPAMbot policy? How about information services such as geological consulting, web development or programming? For these or any other queries you might have, click the contact button and drop us a line!


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Measures employed for the security of our visitors include policies that encourage vigilance and not complacency - and we are not about to trade your security interests in for a little empty prestige. That is why this site does not run scripts without first notifying you and obtaining your consent to do so, and why we insist on having a well known and respected third party escrow/merchant provider handle your credit card transaction.

Site Map

Everywhere you ever wanted to go on our site is all here on one page - in addition to being on the menu system at the top of the page. If you are having trouble accessing the menus or finding what you want please contact us with the details.

Why PayPal

So real operators have their own merchant facilities do they? The prestige offered by merchant facilities is a dubious advantage given that the added expense is passed onto you, the customer in more ways than one. Not only to online shoppers pay the extra costs of such facilities as they are passed down by the business, but the also run the risk of being defrauded by scam artists. If you don't know who we are, the safest way you can do business with us is through a widely known and reputable escrow service such as PayPal.


FieldCraft offers services second to none across a wide range of information-based fields including, software development, computer maintenance, web engineering, geology, and general research.

Personal Computer Repairs and Service Contracts

FieldCraft is the home of the most advanced Windows and PC maintenance procedures guaranteeing the security of your data provided it hasn't already been corrupted or lost. No need to lug your bulky computer equipment to us, we come to you anywhere in Adelaide, South Australia! If it is not fixed in accordance with our pre-maintenance agreement, there is no fee charged for that part of the repair.

Scientific Web Design and Web Site Engineering

FieldCraft is the home to the most advanced scientific web design methodology on the market. At FieldCraft we use server-side technology to offer functionality that woks independently of customer security, and validated mark-up to ensure that you site is visible to the maximum proportion of browser engines. FieldCraft's Web site engineering delivers interoperability, niche market optimisation, robust functionality, and advanced navigation via a web menu system that will operate under almost any conditions.

Software Shop

Software is the soul of the machine and we take great pride in our work. Our specialty is using graphic user interface design to maximise the process efficiency of the tasks the program is intended to systematise. We also take great pleasure in doing the "impossible!" If you cannot find what you are looking for here, contact us with the details. Otherwise, you can try out our software for 19 days free. We use our revolutionary GeenLockTM technology to ensure that your system remains uncluttered by unused trial locking entries from our trial versions. This in addition to comprehensive uninstallers that ship with all FieldCraft software makes our trial versions the safest on the market.

Australian Postcode Survey

Postcode surveys for Australian retail business.

Introduction to Postcode Surveys

Postcode surveys are used just like web statistics to track market demographics and keep an eye on promoters and advertisers.

What is the Australian Postcode Survey?

Australian Postcode Survey is a simple product designed to fit seamlessly into the point of sale process - then report on where your sales originate.

Using the Australian Postcode Survey

Australian Postcode Survey is designed for use in busy retail environment. The interface is small enough to sit quietly in one corner until the postcode or suburb is entered - that's right: customers without a postcode need only name the suburb and this will appear on the list as it is typed in. Australian Postcode Survey reports on sales demographics at the touch of a button.

Regional Analysis with the Australian Postcode Survey

Australian Postcode Survey calculates sales demographics on a regional basis giving you the opportunity to see where your sales are coming from.

Campaign Analysis with the Australian Postcode Survey

Australian Postcode Survey reports can be limited to specific time periods that can correspond to particular regional campaigns - giving you an idea of the relative success of your advertisers.

Time Analysis with the Australian Postcode Survey

The specific time period limitations of the Australian Postcode Survey can also be used to monitor the profitability of particular days and times - allowing you to judge for yourself the effectiveness of retail trading fads such as "late night shopping" or "Sunday Trading"

Blackjack Simulation with Blackjack Examiner

Find out if that great Blackjack system of yours is really a winner; before the casino takes your money!

Why use Blackjack Examiner

Blackjack is a very simple game to play, but very complex in the analysis of its systems and strategies. Blackjack Examiner takes the guesswork out of analysing Blackjack Strategies so that you can get on with the best course of action without any doubts.

What is Blackjack Examiner?

Blackjack Examiner is a Blackjack simulator that will play out a statistically significant number of games under the conditions that you set - delivering a verdict in seconds instead of weeks.

Using Blackjack Examiner

Blackjack Examiner is easy to use. Just enter the house rules, your strategy, and your account keeping rules and press the start button

Input the House Rules and Dealer System

Blackjack Examiner allows the input for all the major rules that have a statistically significant effect on game play.

Enter your own Player System

Blackjack Examiner allows extensive player system specifications including variations for Aces, doubles or specific pair values.

Test "Basic Strategy"

Blackjack Examiner will even test "Basic Strategy" and allow you the opportunity to statistically optimise a "Basic Strategy" for the best results.

Card Counting

Card counting is the proper way to play Blackjack, and it has been suggested that the only reason card counters terrify pit bosses is because the cards in the shoe are drawn from many more decks than the six or eight claimed by the casino. If you want to see an analysis of card counting in Blackjack Examiner, or to learn card counting from Blackjack Examiner please contact us with your request.

Superior Background Program Control with the Persistent Task Manager: Clear-It

Sick of the way the Windows Task Manager disappears on every single program closure, cannot close multiple programs, and is unable to offer a safe background purge? If so, let Clear-It clear your worries away.

Why Clear-It?

Clear-It is a must-have program for power users and novices alike because Clear-It allows you to take control of background processes - even those not listed by the Windows Task Manager (such as the Honeywell keyboard driver).

What is Clear-It?

Clear-It is the ultimate task manager putting you in charge of your operating system by giving you an interactive list of programs that are running.

Using Clear-It

Clear-It is easy to use. Just tick and click! No negotiating with stubborn processes, when Clear-It takes down a program it does so without hesitation.

Burn CDs and DVDs without Creating Coasters!

If your CDs or DVDs won't burn cleanly, perhaps there is some interference from background processes. Clear-It can solve this problem at the touch of a button - prior to running your CD/DVD burning software.

Ensure that Program installations have the Optimum Environment

It is universally documented that ALL unnecessary background programs must be closed prior to installing software. Clear-It offers the only way to do this safely at the touch of a button

Allow Memory Intensive Software to Roam Freely throughout your Memory

Memory intensive software and software that tends to use resources reserved by other applications will not run if the required memory or resources are not available. Clear-It first, and then you will know for sure whether the problem is a software conflict or operating system/program error.

Selectively Shut Down Programs

Clear-It is the best way to monitor and control background processes and has been use successfully to troubleshoot Windows software conflicts and aid the removal of nuisance software.

Browser Security and Qualified eCommerce Consumer Confidence with DrawBridge

Web developers may well assume that they can be trusted, but this alone does not make it so. As eCommerce emerges from obscurity into prominence as the preferred method of international trade security becomes an even greater issue. DrawBridge addresses this issue as your first line of defence.

Why Does my Firewall need a DrawBridge?

While firewalls prevent low level intrusions by blocking the ports, they can only alert you to a high level intrusion after the fact only if the worm is not acting through a white listed agent such as your browser. DrawBridge prevents high level intrusions before they occur by disabling the mechanism that makes the possible in the first place.

What is DrawBridge?

DrawBridge is your first line of defence against hackers, vandals, and fraudsters. DrawBridge is not a firewall or virus scanner but is designed be used in conjunction with these programs as part of a multi-layered approach to security.

Using DrawBridge

DrawBridge makes security easy and deploys direct access to both the Windows Internet Security Settings and to the Windows web white lists. When used correctly, DrawBridge prevents scripts and plug-ins from running if originating from an unknown, unclassified, or restricted source. However, scripts and plug-in originating from white listed or trusted sources are allowed to run ensuring your continued access to internet banking and escrow facilities.

Security Strategies

DrawBridge's security system discriminates scripts and plug-ins originating with trusted sources from those piped into a trusted site by frames and/or iFrames connected to unknown sources.

Keep Spyware Out

DrawBridge prevents web-based spyware from getting a foothold by prohibiting the scripts and plug-ins that make web-based spyware installation possible in the first place.

Stop Pop-up Screens from Loading Without your Consent

DrawBridge stops popups dead by prohibiting the scripts and plug-ins that make them possible in the first place.

Stop Email Scripts from Auto-launching Executable Attachments

Get the latest virii automatically installed on your computer by email - or not by using DrawBridge to prohibit the scripts and plug-ins that make unauthorised program installations possible in the first place.

Scientific Intelligence Testing with IQ Power

How much does intelligence vary? Is intelligence genetic or environmental? Can intelligence be improved? These questions are answered only by IQ-Power and not by conventional intelligence testing methods.

Why IQ Power?

IQ-Power is the only intelligence testing method that is truly scientific because the test conditions are repeatable and do not alter with test experience.

What is IQ Power?

IQ-Power uses an open book approach with documented problems and solution methods as part of a system of problems that increase incrementally in complexity.

Concepts behind the development of IQ Power

IQ-Power was designed to test the conventional assumptions about intelligence by developing a testing method that abandoned those assumptions in the first place.

Using IQ Power

IQ-Power employs nested logic tests in two flavours: Binary and Ternary. The examinee need only look up any uncertainties about the problem solving methods for these systems if s/he lacks the knowledge - and by including Ternary logic IQ-Power ensures that this is unfamiliar territory for nearly everyone.

Logical elements and operators used by IQ Power

Binary logic has only two biased operators and two elements; TRUE, FALSE. Ternary Logic has six biased operators and three elements; UNKNOWN, TRUE, FALSE.

Order of Operations & Simple Nesting

Logic problems such as these are conventionally solved from left to right beginning with the contents of the innermost bracket sets.

Local context analysis and practical applications

Ternary Logic problems include local context issues brought about by the existence of the NOT UNKNOWN modified element

Compound nesting

Compound nesting is the overlap of bracket types that are equal in tier and involves the solution of compound logic problems by acknowledging the importance of outcomes derived from common equation fragments.

Effective Speed Reading with Successful Peer Reviewed Methods used by Stretch

Speed Reading with total recall. Not skimming a few random points from the text, and certainly not photographic memory style reading then having to reread the text in one's mind. When it comes to speed reading, Stretch is the real deal. Stretch users read fast and understand what they have read without having to think it over!

Discover your Reading Speed

How fast can you read? Skimming through a test article and fluking the questions at the end doesn't answer the question, does it! Stretch addresses this question by measuring the most important cognitive function utilised by the process of reading.

Why Stretch

Why Stretch your reading speed? It doesn't matter whether you are just shopping, looking for work, executing your duties with due diligence to your employer, or running a multi-billion dollar corporation; you will still somehow find yourself being inundated with large volumes of material that must be read properly if you are to make informed decisions. By reading faster you can allocate more time to living and will discover a greater understanding of more complex material.

What is Stretch?

Stretch is a software package that offers exercises and tests to improve your reading speed.

Using Stretch

Stretch takes a complex process and simplifies it by laying it out in plain view and by employing an active mentor algorithm to keep the exercises both challenging and realistic.

How Does Stretch Work?

Stretch adapts the proven flash card system used by schools to upgrade phonic reading skills to sight reading skills; from a vocabulary of only a few hundred single words, to a vocabulary of many thousands of words and word groups. The result is real speed reading with vastly improved comprehension.

The Research Behind Stretch

Stretch is based on extensive research of peer reviewed findings relating to literacy and is the only speed reading package that does so.

Stretch your Vocabulary

By exposing the user to selections taken from many thousands of words, Stretch increases the users familiarity with a wider range of words. This is known to improve spelling when combined with the style of exercise used by Stretch and where read in context also increases vocabulary.

Speed Reading Myths?

Most speed reading "problems" occur for very good reasons. Reasons that are valid and appropriate in the proper setting. By understanding the reasons, the reader can turn a "problem" into an effective method for improving reading under adverse conditions.

Stretch your memory...

Reading and comprehension depend to some degree on short term memory and therefore exercises that improve reading speed such as those offered by Stretch, will also improve memory.