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Why PayPal?

FieldCraft use PayPal as a third party merchant provider for a number of reasons that are of direct benefit to you as our customer.

Firstly PayPal has taken the care to gain an unassailable reputation for the security of the transactions they facilitate. We know that you can trust PayPal because we do and so have 50 million people for several years now.

PayPal and escrow providers like PayPal are cheaper than merchant facilities. At the end of an American Express transaction, PayPal's cut is smaller by around 30% than that taken by a bank supplying merchant facilities - and the banks charge an additional monthly rate for such facilities. Furthermore, the banks do not warrant their merchant facilities against fraudulent transactions or the resulting charge-backs. All these issues add up to savings that are ultimately passed onto you, the customer in the case of PayPal merchants; or added expenses that are passed on through product pricing in the case of bank Merchants.

Finally, your security as a member of the online economy is vitally important to online economic growth. If you do not know who we are, you should deal through a well known escrow provider when purchasing from us, and only a con-artist would encourage you to do otherwise. Furthermore, Paypal's "Buyer Security" is second to none and keeps the rotten apples out of the barrel.

PayPal has 50 million happy customers - That is 50 million recommendations to sign up with your credit or debit card with one of the safest commerce systems in the world. Go on! Click the link below...

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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