FieldCraft  Information Services

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Cutting Edge Software Development & Geological Services   

About us

FieldCraft is an Australian owned and run business.
Registered Business Number: BN03903096
Australian Business Number: 73 066 775 958

FieldCraft is the premier software development concern geared towards the production of software products characterised by the highest standard of quality.

At FieldCraft, the customer comes first. Software is developed with ease of use, functionality, optimal automation, and efficiency in mind. Our rigorous quality control policies ensure that nothing is released that does not work substantially in accordance with documentation, and nothing is commercially released that does not work substantially in accordance with intended specification and completely in accordance with documentation.

FieldCraft is in the business of information.

Software Development

With more than 20 years experience in software development and production, FieldCraft offers the premier software production services from conceptualisation and specification all the way to fault free release and fabrication. Very few competitors can make this claim, and whether you are looking for a package with ironclad quality control or an impossible solution, FieldCraft is by far, the best of the best. Let FieldCraft turn your next nightmare on IT Street into a genuine windfall!

Geological Services

FieldCraft can boast several years experience in the oil and gas industry specialising in sedimentology, and over twenty years experience in gemmological prospecting that include field mapping, petrology and mineralogy. Whether you seek natural resources or answers to a geological nightmare of unimaginable complexity you can get solutions tailored to your requirements with FieldCraft. Let FieldCraft turn your next exploration project into a geological event!