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Australian Postcode Survey
US$ 150.00

Using the Australian Postcode Survey

The Australian Postcode Survey is so user friendly that data entry will merge seamlessly
into every sale. All the sales assistant has to do is ask for the customer's postcode at the
point of sale, type the postcode in and either hit the enter key or click the "Add to Database"
menu in the top left corner. The box is cleared for the next entry and the postcode is automatically
entered into the database. If the customer does not know her/his postcode, just ask for the suburb
and select from the drop-down list.

Australian Postcode Survey showing data entry and Search function.

The program's user interface is optimised for space so that it can be left running and will be out of the way when you are working on other things. Of course, if you prefer a larger view, just hit the Magnifier (the button near the top right with the magnifying glass), and the text, user interface, and its details will be expanded.

To report on a particular sales period, all you have to do is click the "Analyse This!" button...
...and the report section slides down for use.

Australian Postcode Survey showing the setting of analysis period

Just pick the start and finish dates for the period of interest and click the "Begin Regional Analysis by Sales" button and the Australian Postcode Survey will do the rest for you. The report shows analysis by both region and postcode district and is sortable - just click the column headers. You can either print a selection of sales or simply print the entire report without a selection. To print selected sales, first select those sales you wish to print by holding down the control key and click each relevant sale - then click the print button. Should you wish to undo your selection, just click on the form outside of the report. To print the entire report, click the print button without a selection. The following example will display the entire Regional Sales table but the District Sales table will only display the figures for postcode 1011 as it is highlighted.

Australian Postcode Survey showing the report window

When you click the print button near the top right of the "Sales by Postcode" report (the one with the printer on it), the report is displayed in your browser so you can save the report to a standalone HTML file (guaranteeing portability), email the report, publish the report, back up the report for future reference, or print the report (See sample Australian Postcode Survey Report).

Australian Postcode Survey report displayed in Internet Explorer for emailing, saving, or printing.

In this example, the figures for postcode 1011 were deselected by clicking the highlighted line a second time with the control key held down. Once no items were selected, the print button could send everything to the browser. (The browser button with the tick on a green ball is the trusted sites manager placed by FieldCraft's security application, "DrawBridge" and is not a regular feature of any web browser)

As you can see, the Australian Postcode Survey is the easiest product of this type to use.

Australian Postcode Survey
US$ 0.00
Australian Postcode Survey
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