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Australian Postcode Survey
US$ 150.00

Australian Postcode Survey       2007       Retail Marketing

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Find out which of your advertising dollars are coming back with the Australian Postcode Survey

The Australian Postcode Survey is a utility designed to make postcode survey and analysis simpler and more effective.

Simply have the staff ask each purchasing customer for their postcode and type it in. If the customer does not know their postcode, the staff can simply pick the suburb from the drop-down list and the postcode will be retrieved for that suburb. (NOTE: This feature only works for suburbs and postcodes within Australia.)

At the end of the month or whenever you choose, enter the period you wish to analyse, and the Australian Postcode Survey will list postcodes in order of sales generated. A new feature is the summary list of sales by metropolitan/country regions.

If advertising campaigns do not result in an improvement in sales from corresponding areas, then it is clear that they are ineffective

Minimum Hardware Requirements: Windows recommended hardware.
Minimum Software Requirements: Correctly functioning Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/XP64/Vista/Vista64

This product is designed for use in Australia only. Some features may not be practical in other countries.


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Australian Postcode Survey
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Australian Postcode Survey
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