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US$ 30.00

Troubleshooting with Clear-It

Ever want more control over your system?

Curious about the programs that do not appear on the Task Manager?
Ever install a program that could not be uninstalled because it cannot be shut down?
Ever wonder how many programs are executed as the result of starting certain applications?

Clear-It is also a technical package for IT professionals. It is ideal for investigating software conflicts by using the "#   Shut Down Ticked Items(s)   #" button to close ticked processes and/or applications individually. Multiple applications can be unloaded together, or one at a time according to what check boxes on the list you tick prior to hitting the "#   Shut Down Ticked Items(s)   #" button (Bottom right-hand corner). See Application Purging with Clear-It for more on how this utility is operated.

It can also be used to identify applications that are triggered by any given program. 

The high speed loading and unloading of this package makes Clear-It the ultimate tool for advanced software technicians whose expertise is well beyond using "Format c: /u" as the Windows cure-all.

Best of all, Clear-It puts you back in charge of the system.

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