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Clear-It          2007         Persistent Task Manager

Clear-It - Resident and Background Program and persistent task management Application

By combining persistence so that the Clear-It Task Manager does not disappear until you say so; with a thorough display of current processes and a "close everything function": Clear-It is the ultimate Task Manager.

Clear-It is a utility designed to ease the task of freeing up resources for memory intensive tasks. Clear-It can do this by closing every non-essential program and application at the touch of a button.

Clear-It also displays all background programs, even those hidden from the Microsoft Task Manager. With Clear-It you can tick those programs you want to close and end them all at the touch of a button - and Clear-It stays in view to verify that the job has been done.

Memory is a limited resource on any computer, and there is often insufficient room left by parasitic background programs that have no need to be running. This is why;

It is crucial to close all applications, TSRs, and background programs before you:

Minimum Hardware Requirements: Windows recommended hardware.
Minimum Software Requirements: Correctly functioning Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/XP64/Vista/Vista64


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