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Blackjack Examiner
US$ 40.00

Maximise your finances at Blackjack. 
Try your system before buying into it!


Blackjack is a game designed to test and exercise the short term memory and arithmetic capabilities. The objective of Blackjack is to use your knowledge of the cards that have been drawn, to determine the likelihood of cards that are yet to be drawn and, using an appropriately matched strategy; keep your average hand closer to 21 than the dealer's. Of course, card cheats will always argue against strategies and tactics they do not have the mental resources to implement themselves. The mechanism of Blackjack is not luck, but statistics. Play enough hands, and the statistics will always favour the winning strategy and tactics.

Your Chances of Success...

Many would argue that Blackjack is strictly a mug's game. FieldCraft declines to offer any opinion here. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to find out for yourself, without having to spend thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in the process of being ripped off by institutionalized card cheats.

How many games of Blackjack can be played in a day? At a full table, we doubt more than 500. Is this enough of a sample to determine the effectiveness of a blackjack system? Looking around a full blackjack table you will generally see one winner and half a dozen losers. Come back tomorrow, and you will generally see another winner; and half a dozen losers perhaps including yesterday's winner. 500 games of Blackjack is not a large enough sample to test one blackjack system...

What a Computer Program can do for you...

Blackjack Examiner is a program designed to test blackjack systems, tactics, and "Basic Strategy" against a wide range of "house rules", over statistically significant samples, as well as some not so statistically significant samples - just so that you can see the sheer randomness of the game. Blackjack Examiner can simulate thousands of hands of Blackjack in seconds, to allow you to save your time for other more entertaining activities.

Blackjack Examiner tests systems and tactics (Eg. "Basic Strategy")

Casinos are there to make money. No doubt, so are you. Thus it is imperative that you test your blackjack systems, tactics, and strategies, before you commit your time and your money to them. Blackjack Examiner is there to allow you to do this. If you plan to visit a casino, have Blackjack Examiner check your blackjack system first. The opportunity to avoid a mistake may never come again.

Blackjack Examiner
US$ 0.00
Blackjack Examiner
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