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What is DrawBridge and what can DrawBridge do for Browser Security?

DrawBridge is not a virus scanner, it is a simple tool that helps Windows prevent unauthorised use of your computer through its browser, without your consent. 

DrawBridge stops:

This in turn stops:

Browser Security and Scripting Privileges have never been easier.

DrawBridge also has the unintended side-effect of blocking many pop-up advertisements
Click HERE for more information on stopping popups.

A Cautionary Note about "Secure" Browsers and Browser Security...

DrawBridge secures the Windows Internet Security Settings, which is good if your browser is properly coded by people with an adequate understanding of Windows and modern operating systems. The sad fact is that many "Open Source" browsers do not even check these settings to ensure that they do not run scripts that were never intended to be run on the PC in question. While there is much said about the security of Open Source browsers, these browsers haven't been attacked with the totality that Internet Explorer has, and many of the Open Source security flaws may yet be undiscovered. Open Source default settings consistently fail to comply with any restrictions outlined in the Windows Internet Security Settings, and are often very lax in their default settings. It is only a matter of time before the criminals turn their attention to these shortcomings.

In spite of the bad publicity resulting mostly from improper use and failure to consult product documentation, Internet Explorer 6 is still the most secure browser available if and only if it is used prudently and Windows is configured correctly by the user. DrawBridge takes care of correct Windows configuration with respect to browser security so that the user can get on with exploring the World Wide Web in relative safety.

If you can name a browser other than Internet Explorer that actually complies with Windows Internet Security Settings and applies these in accordance with the Windows Trusted/Restricted Sites list, please contact us with the details so that we can recommend it alongside Internet Explorer 6. Additionally, if you are the first to notify us of the browser in question and your information is accurate, we will provide you with the DrawBridge download free of charge.


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