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Electronic Counter-Espionage: Preventing Spyware & Plugging the Holes in Browser Security

Stop Future Spyware Installations by Plugging the Holes in the Client-Side Scripting Paradigm...

The default browser security settings allow unauthorised installation of software into your system. This is the main gateway for spyware and keyloggers that can be used to gain information about your computer use or for more sinister purposes such as harvesting your account name and password - to empty your bank account.

It is not enough to scan your system for virii, worms, and spyware. You must close the gate before they get in. DrawBridge shuts the gate on all web launched spyware applications by shutting down the client-side scripts necessary to start an unauthorised program installation from a web site. Prevention is better than cure, and no other application offers this degree of prevention.

Plug the "Zero-Day" Security Hole

This class of threat propagated in a similar fashion to that described above, except that instead of using an email as a vector for the virus, the hacker compromises a legitimate server, installs a client-side script on the web pages hosted by that server along with the virus or worm, and when you visit, the client-side script launches the virus or worm on your computer. DrawBridge blocks the "Zero-Day" hole and stops virii and worms like Berbew before they get a chance to launch.

Every day, new worms and virii are being published for the purpose of vandalism, theft, and bragging rights amongst small time computer criminals. This is without counting phantoms and other attempts to target specific computers with unique code - usually for the purpose of intellectual property theft; including design theft, insider information, and identity theft (eg. the opening of accounts that you have no access to in YOUR name and with YOUR tax file number for the purpose of laundering criminally acquired money in YOUR name).

Every month, hundreds of new malicious programs emerge to spend a considerable number of hours wreaking havoc before being "discovered" and listed by anti-viral software providers.

Every year, new security holes in all of the major browser engines are discovered and exploited in the most popular browser as new means of getting viruses into systems like yours. Internet banking fraud is just one of the more recent exploits that depends on client-side scripting to work.

A virus scanner and firewall are insufficient precaution against the onslaught of online crime targeting computers like yours. You NEED a DrawBridge to stop the new worms that get through the security holes in Windows and past your virus scanner - before something totally new and unknown runs amok in your computer.


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