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DrawBridge          2007         Browser Security

DrawBridge Browser Security Application

DrawBridge: Essential browser and eCommerce Security

DrawBridge stops "Phishers" and internet banking fraudsters dead in their tracks as it disables those scripts used to hijack the URL-Box in Internet Explorer - and if you are worried about the "Zero-Day" hole; worry no more! DrawBridge prevents the exploitation of this Internet Explorer vulnerability by preventing the scripts that make this exploit possible in the first place.

DrawBridge does all this without disrupting your internet banking and shopping by incorporating a Trusted Sites Manager to ensure that those sites you list as trustworthy can run the necessary scripts to facilitate your internet activities such as online shopping, online banking, or online trading.

DrawBridge also monitors your internet security settings by checking them every time Windows is booted and warning you if any of the settings pose a serious security risk.

Recent bank instructions have advised customers not to connect to their bank's URL by any external link - but to type the URL into a fresh instance of their browser. This is excellent advice, and we would add that no other instance of any browser should be running while logging onto the bank or using any internet banking service.

The ONLY sure way to combat the script based nature of the phishing threat is to employ a strategy of disabling ALL client-side scripts, except at trusted sites you have listed on a trusted sites manager. Then only do business if the transaction page at the escrow provider (eg. PayPal) has a security certificate displayed. Secure Site confirmation icon This is confirmed by the little closed padlock that should appear in the lower right whenever you log in to any financial institution, or secure web site. DrawBridge is currently the only security package that emphasises this crucial strategy.

Whenever you log in to your escrow provider, you should see the closed padlock symbol on the bottom right in the status bar, confirming that the site has a valid security certificate.

If the padlock symbol is missing from the bottom right, do NOT log in. Of course, if you do not run DrawBridge or use the DrawBridge Strategy, then your URL box will show you anything a fraudster wants you to see and there may be no certain way of knowing whether you are at the real site or at a fake site. DrawBridge makes eCommerce security easy!

Ever had an attachment automatically load and run just because you opened an Email? This is a common way that viruses and worms get past your anti-virus scanner and into your system. Even if your anti-virus scanner uses "script-blocking", it still must first recognize the virus. If the virus is too new for your anti-virus scanner to recognise, it may still get in if the Email to which it is attached has an effective script and forged authentication (More Information). DrawBridge can prevent this from happening by disabling all such scripts in the Windows Internet Security Settings. Furthermore, DrawBridge blocks most pop-up advertisements because popup advertisers use the same technology as hackers (More Information).

Minimum Hardware Requirements: Windows recommended hardware.
Minimum Software Requirements: Correctly functioning Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/XP64/Vista/Vista64 & Internet Explorer 6 or better


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