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EULA Magic
US$ 120.00

EULA Magic       2007       EULA Embedding & Trial-Locking

Sample EULA from EULA Magic

Encourage Shareware Sales with EULA Magic

EULA Magic is a utility designed to make shareware production, security, and sales appeal more effective.

EULA magic allows you to browse for the necessary files and offers the option on enforcing portability of VB6 references.

EULA Magic offers a choice of recurrent or once off license display with multiple article options for securing clauses in licenses that may contain errors.

EULA Magic also allows you to view and edit your project boilerplate to ensure that your corporation and authoring information is correct.

EULA Magic gives you the option of setting a trial limit in days that is enforced by GreenLock(TM) which, is a revolutionary trial locking system that enforces the trial period and cleans out redundant GreenLock timestamps to keep the customer's system clutter to a minimum.

EULA Magic is not just for trial locking, but also allows you to embed an advertising statement to promote the purchase of your product which is facilitated with a purchase button you can link to a purchasing URL.

Minimum Hardware Requirements: Windows recommended hardware.
Minimum Software Requirements: Correctly functioning Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/XP64/Vista/Vista64

This product is designed for use with VB6 only. Some features may not be practical in other versions of VB and Visual Studio .NET is NOT supported because .NET does not support shareware developers.


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EULA Magic
US$ 0.00
EULA Magic
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