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Web Sergeant
US$ 80.00

Using Web Sergeant to Give Your Navigation System Some Backbone


Once you have set up Web Sergeant with the site's boiler plate details and your preferences for Web Sergeant's behaviour, designing, building and implementing your web menus is a simple three step process. Refer to the picture below for the details. The controls relevant to setting up Web Sergeant are circled and annotated in blue.

Making robust, interoperable web menus in a few easy steps with Web Sergeant

Building the Web Menu Structure

Just use the Add, Edit, Incinerate, Move Up, and Move Down buttons to build a viable navigation structure. These controls are circled and annotated in red on the picture above.

Designing the Web Menu Style

This is just a matter of click and pick! All you have to do is click the menu element shown in Web Sergeant's picture of Microsoft Internet Explorer, and then select the colour you prefer for the element and/or for the element's text. You can also choose a range of web-safe fonts and colours.

Implementing the Web Menu

Now all you have to do is use the Browse button (circled and annotated in yellow) to select the web page you wish to apply these changes to, and then commit the changes with the Commit button (circled and annotated in yellow) when you are satisfied. To see the results, just click the Preview button (also circled and annotated in yellow). Web Sergeant is one of the very few web development packages that can preview pages with server side includes correctly by using a server emulator.

Getting Help

If you want a better overview, or alternatively larger text, just click the Magnify/Shrink button for the desired effect. Tips on start-up can be activated or deactivated using the Tips button with the light bulb, or just click the Help button with the question mark for help. Help topics are also listed in the application's Help Menu. The Help features are circled and annotated in crimson.

Other Features:

Web Sergeant also sports Expert Mode features (circled and annotated in orange) that allow some bulk processing with the obligatory pre-process backups. You need not apply your menus and preferences one page at a time. Using Web Sergeant's Expert Mode, you can apply your menus and preferences to your entire web site in one move.

To download, or order: Click Here!

Web Sergeant
US$ 0.00
Web Sergeant
US$ 80.00
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