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Web Sergeant
US$ 80.00

Interoperability: Web Menus, Validation & Compatibility

Web Menus that Work for Even the Most Cautious Visitors

The first step on the road to web mastery, is the realization that web pages are web documents and not web applications. Web surfers with the knowledge and the resulting confidence to make online purchases on an ongoing basis, will not allow you to run scripts or plug-ins on their system until they know you a little better, or have at least had the chance to check the code and scan any plug-ins first, after a three day quarantine. When one of these customers visits a site using scripted or plug-in based menus, what they see is a toolbar, and no menus because the caution that allows this demographic to continue participating in the online economy will not allow such menus to function. Web menus that depend on client-side scripts and/or plug-ins will fail for cream of your customers and should not be depended on for this reason.

Web Sergeant web menus are script-free and depend on no plug-ins to function. Even the most paranoid visitor to a site fitted with Web Sergeant web menus will be pleasantly surprised to find these menus working correctly. Only Web Sergeant's robust web menus can be relied upon to the exclusion of all other navigational features.

Web Menus that Work in 100% of Browsers Tested

Traditional list-based menus work only in Open Source browsers, while conventional tabulated menus (originally developed by Venimus) only work in Internet Explorer! Web Sergeant applies an advanced menu building technique to the old tabulated menu system. The result is a menu system that functions in both Open Source browsers and Internet Explorer. In fact, Web Sergeant's web menus have functioned correctly in every browser tested to date.
These include:

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. HTML Help
  3. Microsoft Internet Controls (VS Web Browser Object)
  4. Opera
  5. Mozilla
  6. Firefox
  7. Netscape

Furthermore, Web Sergeant web menus are functional in all browsers based on the top three browser engines:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Gecko
  3. Opera

So it does not matter what browser your visitors are using, Web Sergeant web menus are a reliable navigational backbone for your web site because Web Sergeant web menus function for more than 99% of web surfers.

Web Menus Assembled with Validated Mark-Up

Why are Web Sergeant web menus interoperable? Aside from stringent testing and strict standards sub-classing, Web Sergeant's web menus use internationally recognised standards-compliant HTML 4.01 and CSS 2.0 that is fully validated by the World Wide Web Consortium. See the badges affixed to the top right corner of any page on the FieldCraft web site.

To download, or order: Click Here!

Web Sergeant
US$ 0.00
Web Sergeant
US$ 80.00
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